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The child need smart education. We have introduced the latest teaching methodology through the introduction of a Digi- classroom where all students are exposed to the latest form of education.

Expert Teachers

The school has a very strong teaching ratio of 1:30 in every class. The teaching faculty is well qualified and experienced to cater to quality education.

Workshop for Parents

The school has been organizing workshop for parents through eminent child psychologists & counselors to address to their problems related to handling of the child which has been very useful & appreciated by the parents.

About Us

Shringi Rishi Vidyapeeth Public School is primarily an organization with global perspective.It is a leading Coeducational, English medium Progressive, Comprehensive, Integrated institution.It provides basic amenities for the all round development of all of its students. The institution acknowledges that every child is a dynamic individual and great emphasis is put to draw out the best in child’s body, mind and spirit. Education provided in the school expands the vision and outlook of its students which provokes the spirit of healthy competition and the desire to advance for the achievements of their consciousness regenerating truth, fighting ignorance and injustice. Hence enabling them to know about their rights and duties towards their family, society and motherland at large. Read More


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